Jul 15, 2008

Praise God! Amazing things are happening!
From Tokyo Etc.

This picture is not a random photo! It is awesome joy on Monday July 14 that is caused by news of our first student being saved on our watch! Praise God so much! This is really miraculous.

I've heard about missionaries spending 20 years in Japan and never seeing a single soul get saved. And I've personally talked to one who has been to Japan for a full year and did not see any get saved. So praise God for his amazing love and for the salvation of a new soul.

This is English Lunch Time

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From Pictures from...

This is where we practice English with students. We get a bit of a guide with topics written on a sheet of paper and we go through the material and towards we ask questions about the topic that are very personal and spiritual. Then afterwords we can go eat lunch in a campus cafeteria like this one.
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At the cafeteria we can continue on that spiritual trail that we started at the English Lunch time. Yea we ourselves eat after English Lunch. The students who eat during English Lunch usually have a class right after. So yea. That's the basic model that we have going on.

Oh Lastly I'd like to let you all know that I'm mulling over the possibility of coming to Japan for a longer time. Campus Crusade offers a program called STINT which is short for Short Term International. It's a program where individuals raise their own support and come to a country for a year or two (literally). After that the option of going full time with Campus Crusade is possible. So I'm thinking about that, but I'm not sure if I want to pursue CC4C or some other ministry.

Praises: For Japanese students whom are coming to the Lord!

Prayer requests: Guidance with the possibility of full time in Japan.

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Nessie said...

Hey you! That is very exciting news!!! Praise God for a new soul saved! Also exciting news that you might have the opportunity to go back...can you believe you actually got to fulfill your dream of going?! Very cool.
...and just in case you haven't heard, we're moving to Yuma. It may seem like a shock if you didn't know yet, but we've only known we wanted to go since the 4th of July, so you haven't been out of the loop for long. Sort of a quick decision but one we really have peace about. Our duplex will be on the market (officially) on monday and we will be leaving early September. Sooo....just wanted to give you the heads up. Want to buy it? We're including the Wii in the deal to get a better price. haha Just kidding!