Jul 15, 2008

Praise God! Amazing things are happening!
From Tokyo Etc.

This picture is not a random photo! It is awesome joy on Monday July 14 that is caused by news of our first student being saved on our watch! Praise God so much! This is really miraculous.

I've heard about missionaries spending 20 years in Japan and never seeing a single soul get saved. And I've personally talked to one who has been to Japan for a full year and did not see any get saved. So praise God for his amazing love and for the salvation of a new soul.

This is English Lunch Time

From Pictures from...

From Pictures from...

This is where we practice English with students. We get a bit of a guide with topics written on a sheet of paper and we go through the material and towards we ask questions about the topic that are very personal and spiritual. Then afterwords we can go eat lunch in a campus cafeteria like this one.
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At the cafeteria we can continue on that spiritual trail that we started at the English Lunch time. Yea we ourselves eat after English Lunch. The students who eat during English Lunch usually have a class right after. So yea. That's the basic model that we have going on.

Oh Lastly I'd like to let you all know that I'm mulling over the possibility of coming to Japan for a longer time. Campus Crusade offers a program called STINT which is short for Short Term International. It's a program where individuals raise their own support and come to a country for a year or two (literally). After that the option of going full time with Campus Crusade is possible. So I'm thinking about that, but I'm not sure if I want to pursue CC4C or some other ministry.

Praises: For Japanese students whom are coming to the Lord!

Prayer requests: Guidance with the possibility of full time in Japan.

Jul 13, 2008

What the heck has Jeremy been doing with that support $?

Praise God for another great week in Japan.

So now yes I shall now attempt to fill you in on what I've been doing here.

We have been doing student outreach on two campuses here in Tokyo one called Sophia University (aka Joji Daigaku)and the other called Waseda University.

From Tokyo Etc.
Waseda is particularly famous because many of Japan's Prime Ministers, including the current prime minister, have gone to Waseda. We are the second Campus Crusade team to work on Waseda and it is exciting to know that people the Lord touches here will go on to touch the entire country.

From Tokyo Etc.

Sophia is a strange campus, it was founded as a Catholic university, but now it's about as Christian as Harvard or Yale etc... But the um higher up faculty is still Catholic so they like to call Campus Crusade a cult. There are actually signs posted on campus that warn students not to get involved with the "cult" people going around on campus.

I'm going to end with these summaries so that I can pick back up and have other things to talk about in oh say two days.

Praises: The whole dizzyness thing has gone away yay! Also we got to see a one in a million event, a young woman came to Jesus on Friday July 11 at a Campus Crusade event!!!!
Prayer requests: For our new friends to be receptive to the Gospel.

Go to the Albums at: picasaweb.google.com/jeremyknizley

Jul 9, 2008

All of the Photos

Almost all of my pictures are posted here:

Where you can view them and download them freely!

Jul 5, 2008

From Tokyo Etc.

Here are all the students on the team. From left to right Standing to sitting. Dean, Michael, Me, Kim, Mike, Kelsey, Josh, Henry, Kwan. Huray!

Whoa all, sorry for not posting all week. We've been pretty busy and I've not figured out how to pace the blogging of everything. I'm trying to only tell the stories once and so I'll not be Emailing too much stuff that explains what's going on. Instead specific stuff will go here, and that way everyone can learn about it without repetition. Hurray.

So I've uploaded a whole bunch of photos to my Picasa Web album, and you can link to it by clicking on the little "Tokyo etc." link below the team picture above.

Jun 28, 2008

In Japan day 1 wait no, uh day 2? (disorientation)

Yeay! I don't know what all to tell you about I put up a few really neat pictures on Face book but only 16 I'm taking a lot of pictures too so I'll have a lot to show when I get home. Oh and also pray specifically for me, all day today (saturday) I kept being dizzy for no apparent reason, It could be jet lag or it might be that I'm just not drinking enough water, I pray that it is one of those two simple answers. Hmm our apartment is awesome you should check it out......um I typed that without thinking, I want to post a photographic tour soon on Face Book so just wait for a bit then you can check it out! hurray there is a tatami mat room it's so cool and a dinky shower room and all sorts of funny things that I've only seen in animes before now. This is all sort of a babbly post but I just don't know what I should be focusing on.

Praise: Henry is a Genius when it comes to speaking Japanese, I thought I was good, but I'm totally not.

Pray for: Me and dizzieness,
me to remember peoples names! we've all been together for like 4 days and I'm still forgetting 4 team peoples names all the time! I just called Dean Duane, I'm retarded when it comes to name remembering and names are really important to Japanese people.

Sunday we get to go to go to an all Japanese Church so that will be awesome.

So hurray I'm on my way!

Money is at $6115 out of $5000!!!!!!!
that's 122.3% Wow

So I'd like to share how day one went that is getting on the plane and how God is already providing for this trip. My flight out of Grand Junction was at 6:48am so I arrived at the air port at 6:15 am and they said “sorry check in is closed” so dang I was late. But then some one nicely gave us a request for a seat pass, but that didn't help because they over sold the flight by 3 seats. Yeay I was going to be not on that flight. The two fellas who were also bumped had good results the first guy got on a flight leaving in just like half an hour and the next guy actually ended up arriving at his final destination two hours earlier so like the baker who was with Joseph in prision I thought some thing good will happen for me. The Awesome counter guy told me that I'd end up landing at 5:00 pm which was three and a half hours after I was supposed to be there!!! So dang right? No. They Delta refunded me my ticket price TIMES TWO! So I got $500 and waited around in GJ for 5 more hours. So I deposited the check and wrote a check to Campus Crusade for Christ.

Then When I arrived at Santa Ana I took a cab and the cabby had no idea where Vanguard University was and when I asked if he had a map he said of course “no” so I had to remember the Mapquest map that I had seen of the directions from two days before which I had not printed out. So some how by God's Grace we made every single turn correctly the first time!!! (which is slightly less impressive when you know that it was only 3.5 miles. But awesome none the less!!!)

So praises for what God has already been doing.
Prayer requests:

(I'm writing this on 12:30 am June 26 but I don't get to post it until I'm safely landed in Japan)

Jun 16, 2008

Only one-ish week before I leave!

God has been doing awesome things (as usual, He doesn't charge extra for awesomeness) any you will be pleased to see the following info:

As of Sunday June 15,
Support is at 97.6%
And that is 4,880 of $5,000

So praise God for bringing so much support! Now it's time to be a packing. I've got a prayer request or two for this. I only received the detailed packing list last week on June 12, so I've not had much time to start getting things for the list and there are a lot of things that I'm still going to need!

Also just to make things fun I'm going to be moving all of my stuff from my apartment to my parents house because my roommate is, Lord willing, going to be buying a house and moving during my trip. This is awesome (as usual) because now I don't have to cover rent while I'm in Japan! Praise God! So things are going to be a bit busy and confusing just pray moving and packing goes smoothly.

Also pray for my team, we've only just begun contacting each other through facebook, pray that the team solidifies as loving brothers and sisters in Christ quickly so that we can be an example to those whom we are impacting. God bless you.